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Believe it or not we have decided to complete and release a never before seen Outland Quest Software game for the Atari ST/TT computer entitled "Cops and Robbers Chess" !!!! See below for details or Read about it in this interview with Kevin Scott and Retro Gamer Magazine!.

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Outland Quest Software was founded by Larry Scott and Kevin Scott way back in the 1980s with a pathetic Atari 400 with 16k (yes I said k) of memory and a sad cassette player to save data on. Ah yes, those were the good old days, when you spent hours and hours typing in pages and pages of code out of a magazine to play a game only to find that you typed an O instead of a zero and had to spend hours and hours more debugging what you typed in only to find the game wasn't really that great you started writing your own games which meant you STILL typed in line after line of code and spent hours and hours debugging...but at least here was a game WORTH playing!!! (Well some of them anyway...)

Below is a list of most of the programs written by either Larry or Kevin or both. Other people that have contributed on many of the games include, Cheryl Scott, Beverly Scott, Christian Lee, Daniel Lee, Kara Lee, Cassie Scott, John Opper, Mickey Bryan, Carlotta Eland, Craig Gonser, Guy Newland and others I may have missed.

Special Thanks goes to Vince Valenti of JV Enterprises for the help and encouragement given toward the making of "Cops and Robbers, Too!"

There are many more titles that were started only to be shelved for one reason or another. Most of these titles were shareware but a couple were commercial products. All have been released by the authors into the public domain. Outland Quest Software still retains all copyrights however.

Some of these are available for download and with so many great emulators out there can be enjoyed again.

Need an emulator? Let us suggest the best of the best! For the Atari 8 bit systems for Windows try 'Atari 800 Win Plus 4.0'. You can download it here or from their website at

For the Atari ST, we suggest STeem 3.2 which can be downloaded here or from their website at

Outland Quest Splash Screen

Atari 8-Bit Software
Program Name Program Genre Number of Players Description Screen Shot Download
Ally Attack Strategy 1 to 4 Fire on other players or try making truces with them. Will you accept a truce? It may actually be a bomb! Will you lower your shields on a neighbor that you made a truce with? It increases the shield strength of your other shields but just because you have a truce doesn't mean he can't fire on you. Hmm, who do you trust and who do you not? Yes Game Pack 1
Black Sea Silver Fishing Arcade 1 Guide your boat around the black sea and try to catch the valuable silver fish. Beware of the Dragon! Yes Game Pack 1
Desert Crossfire Strategy 2 Move tanks, boats, and planes into strategic positions to get the advantage on your opponent. Can you take out their base? Yes Yes
Dungeons of Oti Adventure 1 or more The first quest in the series! Rescue the Saturnian princess! Can you discover the secrets of Oti? What power does the gold ring possess? What puzzles await your quest? Yes Yes
Empire Strategy 2 Thrill in the conquest of planet conquering! Build an empire by sending out scout ships, cargo ships, and fighters. Avoid the hazards of space collisions, plagues, etc. If you used to play 'Galaxy' and loved it then this is the game for you! It takes 'Galaxy' to the next level. Yes Yes
Golf Tees Arcade 1 to 4 Ah, who can resist a round of Golf! Not just the boring top view golf but a real 3D type of game. See the flag blowing in the breeze! Ah how relaxing! No No
Graphics 8 Painter Utility 1 Very powerful Graphics 8 painting program with many features not found in other commercial graphics packages. Yes Yes
Hoss Racing Simulation 1 to 4 Horse racing with a twist! Guess which horse will win and watch as they hit the track! Some may buck their riders, others may just sit down and refuse to run any further! You know Smokey is a mudder..His mudder was a mudder too! Yes Game Pack 1
Korellian Conflict Strategy 2 This is the chess game of the stars! Try to outwit your opponent by using ion bombs, pulsar torpedoes, and fission bombs! Avoid the dead zones and make good use of the escape square! Also hyperspace and cloaking shields can be very handy! Just don't stay too long on your energy dock. Yes Yes

Lite Show ???? 1 If you've ever been to a light show you know it rocks! Here also you can let your creative juices flow as you create your own light show to any song you want! Change colors, fade screens, create and move stars, create text and add different effects to it. Even add your own sound effects, such as footsteps, snare drum, explosions, banging on pipes, and more! Save your creation, replay the song and sit back and watch the stars! No No
Mad Libs ???? 1 Our own rendition of the all time great game of Mad Libs. No No
Motion Variable Adventure 1 or more Adventure 2 in the Outland Quest series. This is the Sci-Fi adventure game of the series. Release the Digob on the Chosen's planet before their untimely arrival! Oh, and BEWARE the Quidigob!!!! Oooh, scary! Yes No
Scattergories Strategy 1 or more Another great game plagurized by us for our own twisted pleasure. But it was never released or sold, so nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah! No No
Space Regent Strategy 2 Chess meets Othello in a space setting! Maneuver your ships to overtake your opponent or simply capture his base. Sounds easy? The strategy of this game is a lot deeper than it first appears... No No
Starbase Alpha Arcade 1 It's you against the world!!! Trapped on a lonely starbase, all you have to defend yourself from relentless invaders is the paltry ion cannons. How long can you hold out? What rank can you attain? Do you have what it takes to be a First Officer? Fleet Commander? Protector of the Galaxy? Or even something greater?? Yes Game Pack 1
Standoff Arcade 2 A classic game of shoot or be shot! Use your lasers wisely as they have to recharge! Beware of the floaty, shooty thingy that comes up the middle (we never named it for some reason...) Yes Game Pack 1
Star Maze Arcade 1 Pilot your lunar lander through 9 different planet phases. Some are easy and some require skill and practice to complete! Your piloting skills will be tested to the limits as you deal with gravity wells, hyperspace, lasers, and more. Will you survive the Cherillian Phase?? Yes Game Pack 1
Terror Fair Adventure 1 or more Adventure 3 in the Outland Quest Series. Ah, going to the fair should be a fun relaxing time, right? Yeah right. What fun would THAT be! Speaking of fun, funhouses are supposed to be FUN right? Wrong! Yes No
Three-D Force Tic-Tac-Toe Strategy 1 Tic-Tac-Toe with a twist! Why settle for a boring old flat plane when you can go with 3D. But now the object isn't to win but to force your opponent into a 3 in a row win. No Game Pack 1
T.I.A.K. Bible Trivia 2 to 16 Taking In Accurate Knowledge. A Bible trivia game that is fun for the whole family. Unscramble words, guess words as letters flash on the screen, fill in the blanks, answer Bible questions, and name that scripture. Up to 16 people on four teams can play. Use joysticks or keyboard to buzz in your team's answer. (All passages are taken from the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.) No Yes
Uncle Milton's Million Dollar Mystery Mansion Arcade Adventure 1 If you enjoyed games like Pharoah's curse, then you will love this never released game. Your rich uncle Milton has passed on and while you are saddened by his early demise (which side of the family was he on?), you are anxious to explore his mansion in search of the rare blue diamond worth a million dollars! But to find it you must be intelligent as well as agile. Climb the bricks of the house to the upper windows, locate secret passages, uncover the puzzles of the catacombs beneath the mansion, and avoid that big ugly stupid bat!!!! (Note: If using an emulator, Video System must be set to NTSC not PAL) Yes Yes

Atari 16-Bit Software
Program Name Program Genre Number of Players Description Screen Shot Download
Cops and Robbers Arcade 2 The age old game of chase or be chased! As the robber, you must find and rob five banks. As the cop, you must catch the robber before he depletes the city's money supply, thus your paycheck. No Yes
Cops and Robbers, Too Arcade 2 The much anticipated update to the initial shareware version. This commercially released game adds the ability to create and edit your own cities! Also included are gas stations that both players must make use of to replenish their fuel. You can chase during the day or be chased during the night. Avoid the railroad tracks and oil slicks as these may trip you up during a hot chase. Chase and be chased over paved roads, dirt roads, bridges and more. Know the city well to avoid running into a dead end while the cop is in hot pursuit. Since the robber has a four wheel drive souped up monster, he can go faster on those shortcut roads. This may seem to give him an advantage but the cop has a radar that he can use to help track down the robber. This is an easy to learn, fun, two player game for people of all ages. Yes Yes
Cops and Robbers Chess Strategy 2 NEW RELEASE !!!!!!!!!!!
The showdown has come on the top of the First National Bank skyscraper! Be victorious by overcoming your opponent using pushing and moving techniques that make this a thought provoking strategy chess type of game. Use exhaust fans and the skylight to your advantage as you work to get the strategic upper hand on your opponent.
Yes Yes
Robot Repairs, Inc. Arcade 1 or 2 When a robot needs fixing, who you gonna call? Only one person has what it takes to remove the viruses found deep in the inner machinery of a tin man. And what DOES it take? Skill? Agility? Cat-like reflexes? No! A pod that shrinks down to the size of a hair with a virus catcher attached to it! But you are not alone (unless you're playing 1 player of course). Your opponent also is trying to get the permanent contract by gobbling up as many viruses as they can! Use different tools to slow down your opponent. Find hidden passages to speed up your work. Don't forget to refuel at the battery block. Watch for the energy surge! Ooooh! there's the golden virus! Go get it, GO, NOW, HURRY!!!! Yes Yes
Sno-Fite Arcade 2 There's nothing like a good-old fashioned snowball fight between friends! Make snowballs, slushballs, and snowmen. Control the angle of your throw as you watch your beautifully made snowball plow right into the side of your friend's head. Quick! Make another one and hurl it at him before he can stand up again! Bwahahahahahahaha! Yes Yes

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